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Spotters/Loaders Platform Briefing

Spotters / loaders

The spotters/loaders must consist of minimum 2 complete and experienced teams of 5 persons each. One leader of each team should be responsible to guide the other members of the team regarding the different duties in connection with loading the bar, adjusting the rack heights, cleaning the bar and control of the lifters safety.

Prior to lift off of each session, a member of the Jury must check and instruct the Spotters/loaders of the following:

Dress code 

Check that all spotters for the session is wearing tracksuit bottoms or shorts of the same colour, championship or sponsors t/shirts and proper shoes 


1)     Squat up to 200Kg only needs 3 spotters 

2)    The centre spotter must keep his/her arms away from the lifter thighs during the descend to allow the referee’s to see the depth of the squat  

Bench Press 

1)    Bench Press up to 200Kg only needs 3 spotters 

2)    The centre spotter must stand to the side, only spot the lifter when he/she is ready for the lift off and must move out of view once the lifter arms are lock, this to give a clear view of the lifter during the descend and pressing   

3)    The centre spotter must wait until the chief referee signal to complete the lift is given before attempt to assist the lifter to replace the bar.  This is to allow the audience in the hall and watching live streaming to see the lift completed


1)    Once the bar is loaded the spotters must move out of view of the streaming cameras and the view of the EPF sponsor’s board

Accident on the platform during streaming

Should an accident occur on platform during streaming, the spotters must formed a barrier in front of the cameras to stop the audience from seeing the accident   

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