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Reykjavik International Games 2017

The Reykjavik International Games 2017 were a big tournament for 11 days with 17 different sports and the organization was very professional and recorded by the national TV.

Powerlifting was organized  29 January with 16 invited lifters including lifters from USA, Great Britain and Finland.

Best lifters by points:
Women: Kimberley Walford (USA), Jennifer Thompson (USA) and Joy Nnamani (GBR) (picture enclosed)

Men: Sami Nieminen (FIN), Julian Johansson (ISL) and  Viktor Samuelsson (ISL) (picture enclosed)

This was a classic competition and World records were broken by Joy Nnamani (GB) in deadlift, by Kimberley Walford (USA) in deadlift, by Jenniffer Thompson  (USA) in Bench press and by Sami Nieminen (FIN) in deadlift.

European record was broken by Julian Johansson (ISL) in deadlift.

Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einHave a look at the results (PDF).

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