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What a great week this was in Budapest,Hungary!  Many records were broken by these promising young athletes.  In the the Sub Juniors, 17 year old Maeva Dero of Belgium set a European and World record deadlift with 173.5 kgs. Congratulations to Maeva for such a brilliant effort in closing the gap between herself and Eva Strgar!  And 18 year old Anders Nguyen of Sweden set a new European squat record of 225.5 kg.  In the 63 kg category, a new World record for 17 year old Juuli Kostian of Finland with 161 kgs, and a new total World record of 436 kg.  There was another World record for 18 year Anja Wiggen Skancke of Norway in the 76 kg class with a 175 kg lift and in the men´s sub juniors, 18 year old Italian Fabrizio di Felice set a new European record of 258.5 kgs. 

Women´s 84 kg deadlift gold was won by Marelin Juriado of Estonia with a new World Record deadlift of 200.5 kgs!  In the men´s competition, -120 British Nonzo Chinye set a 313 kg World squat record, a 363 kg World deadlift record and World total record of 868-5 kg while 120+ Joshua Ngoko,  another Brit. Set a European squat record of 323 kg, a World deadlift record of 330.5 kg and again, a new total World ecord of 838.5 kg.  This was a great day for the British boys!  Best Sub Junior Team this year,  France and the Best  Sub Junior Lifter Nonso Chinye, ending the Sub Junior competition.

In  the Junior competition, we saw a new -63 kg World record squat by Federica Casagranda of Italy, lifting 185 kgs and taking squat gold.  And in the -93 kg men´s class, Malik Bernoussi Triolet, already  the World  bench record holder, set a new World bench record of 221 kgs.  In the 69 kg women, squat gold went to Andorina Bouchoux of France, extending her own European squat record with a lift of 198.5 kgs.  Bench gold was won by Fanni Savela of Finland with a new European Open Bench record of 121.5 kgs.  And Andorina Bouchoux set a World total record of 531 kgs with her 221 kg deadlift, winning her the deadlift gold and the Championship.  

On the final day of the competition, 120+ Temur Samkharadze of Georgia set a new European deadlift record on the last lift of the competition with 389 kgs,  putting him an amazing 91.5 kg ahead of Nuutti Mansukoski of  Finland, with an impressive 1001.5 kg total .  What a stunning finale to what has been a great week here in Budapest.  This week we have watched the future of European powerlifting unfold before our eyes.  With many records broken, both on the European and the World forums, these young athletes have achieved so much, but there is much in store for them as they move through the Juniors and on to the Open classes.  Thank you for watching our live feed and for reading these reports and a big thank you to our sponsors, Rogue, SBD, Maniak Fitness and Hansu Power, without whose valuable support we would not be able to bring powerlifting to the world! 

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