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EPF Award of Merit history

Upon application from National federations, the EPF Award of Merits is awarded to persons doing a long and outstanding service to powerlifting at national level.
The award consists of a special medal with inscribed name of the receiver and a diploma.

The application form to suggest somebody for an award: download here.

The award is available in 3 levels:

Gold: 25 years of continuous membership and work
Silver 15 years of continuous membership and work
Bronze 10 years of continuous membership and work


Name Nation Value Year
Konstantinos Giagmouris Greece Bronze 2022
Michal Capla Slovakia Gold 2017
Ivan Zbandut Ukraine Gold 2011
Wolfgang Zimmermann Czech Rep. Gold 2011
Gerhard Hernandez France Silver 2011
Marc Duhem France Silver 2011
Stephane Hatot France Silver 2011
Willy Candemyr  Sweden   Gold        2010
Vidar Tangen Norway   Gold       2009


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