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Referee’s Platform Briefing

15 minutes prior to lift off of each session, the President of the Jury must instruct the referee’s and Jury of the following:

The Technical controller must attend the gear check

1)     Controller must ensure T-Shirt sleeve not pushed or rolled up.
2)     Controller must ensure no apparel worn inside out
3)     Wraps not extending beyond prescribed widths
4)     Wraps securing loop removed from thumb
5)    Controller to ensure coaches are properly dress i.e. tracksuit, short, t/shirt and shoes  
6)     Controller must get all athletes after the category is completed ready for the victory ceremony
8)     The controller will march in athletes to the championship music
9)    After the victory ceremony the controller will march off athletes to the championship music  

Referee’s and Jury member  


Side referees must keep arm raised until the start signal is given to bring attention to the chief referee if of the opinion:

1)    Lifter knees not locked
2)    Lifter not standing up right
3)    Hand and fingers must grip the bar, not necessarily thumbs around
5)    Chief referee to tell lifter to replace if after 5 seconds the lifter is not in the correct position

Attention during the lift:

1)    Pay good attention to the depth, hip must be lower than the top of the knees
2)    Foot movement after the “Rack” signal is not cause for failure
3)    It is important after red light is press, you must raise your failure card to indicate why you failed the lift, to be raised for a count of three seconds, not to be raised until after the red lights appeared.
4)    Chief referee must sit to the left or right to allow full view of the lifter for Streaming   

Squat Command: “Squat”, “Rack”, or before the signal is given: “Replace”
Special note: When a lifter fails to complete a lift, the command is “Rack”

Bench Press

Side referees must keep arm raised until the start signal is given to bring attention to the chief referee if of the opinion

1)    Lifters arms not straight and elbow locked (viewing the arms outside)
2)    Hand and fingers not gripping the bar and thumbs around the bar
3)    Head, shoulders and fifty per cent of buttocks must be in contact with the Bench
4)    Foot must be flat on floor or blocks

Attention during the lift:

1)    “Moderate” Un-Even extension is allowed, but lowering the bar by both of the arms simultaneously is  not allowed.
2)    The bar touching the belt is not allowed. Touching the stomach (or the chest) is allowed.
3)    The hair must not hide the back of the head when lying down on the bench. Pony tail is preferred.
4)    Motionless; Chief referee to make sure the bar is clearly visible stopped before give signal to press  

Bench Press command “Start”, “Press”, “Rack” or before the signal is gives: “Replace”
Special note: When a lifter fails to complete a lift, the command is “Rack”


1)    Lifters must “maintain control”. If the fingers open this should not be cause for failure as long as the bar stay hooks or in the palms of the hands until it returns to the platform
2)    Any downward movement of the bar before it reaches the final position
3)    If the bar settle and the shoulders come back (slightly) downward on completion, this should not be a reason to fail the lift
4)    Supporting the bar on the thighs during the performance of the lift. However if the bar edges up the thigh but is not supported - this is not reason for disqualification
5)    Apparent finished position i.e. if not locked out completely, no further movement after 5 seconds, signal “Down”.  

Deadlift command:  Down


The jury should only overrule very clear and obvious mistakes by the referees. Example: No start signal given,

head above the bench, shoulders not touching the bench

Standard of referee decisions regarding depth in squat, bar position on chest/stomach, un-even etc, which in the opinion of the jury is not correct. Shall first be notified to the referees, to make it clear the standard required. Should the standard not improve, the jury may take action which may mean overruling referee decisions, or ultimately replacing referees.

Referee’s cards must be placed on the jury table before they take up their positions

All three referees must remember to sign the protocol 

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