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On the first day of this four-day event in Luxembourg we saw an impressively high standard of lifting from these young athletes.

Starting with the women´s classes, in the first session of the day, a new EUSA record was set by Julie Ribere of the University of Grenoble, France, for her 90 kg bench press in the 57kg weight class.  We also witnessed wonderful lifting by Izabela Goralska, PWSZ, Poland, in a class of her own in the 52 kg class lifting a total of 320 kg. 

At the end of the first session, the under 52 kg Squat medals went to Izabela Goralska, gold, Coline Giraud, of University of Grenoble, France, silver and Thea Marschall Sima, of University of Gothenberg, Sweden, bronze.   The 52 kg Bench medals, and Coline Giraud won gold, Thea Marschall Sima, silver, and Izabela Goralska bronze.  And the 52 kg Deadlift medallists were Izabela Goralska gold,  Coline Giraud silver and Thea Marschall Sima bronze.  Overall Total medals – Goralska gold, with a total weight of 370 kgs, Giraud, silver with 317.5  kgs and Marschall bronze with 285 kgs.

The under 57 kg class Squat medals went to Dasha Haemers, University of Ghent, Belgium, winning gold, Julie Ribere, of University of Grenoble, France, silver and Zoe Coinne, University of Lille, France, bronze. Under 57 kg Bench medals, Julie Ribere, gold, Zoe Coinne silver and Justine Hattou Montpelier University, France, bronze.  And 57 kg Deadlift medallists were Sehrinur Aydos, of Acibadem University, Turkey, gold, Celia Roux, Montpelier University, France,  silver and bronze to Justine Hattou.  Overall Total medals to Julie Ribere, gold with 355 kgs, Sehrinur Aydos, silver with 347.5 kgs and Celia Roux bronze also with 347.5.  Only 7.5 kgs between gold and bronze! 

In the afternoon session we saw the young men take the stage for an exciting afternoon of quality lifting.  There were two flights, the first being the 59 kg and 74 kg classes and the second flight made up of the 66 kg lifters.

The 59 kg Squat medals went to Thomas Le of University of Paris, gold, Ali Ashavi of Bahcesevir University, Turkey, silver and Alexendre Labesse, University of Paris, bronze. The 59 kg Bench medals went to Alexandre Labesse, gold, Thomas Le, silver and Ali Alshavi, bronze. Deadlift medals in the 59 kg class, gold Ali Alshavi, silver Thomas Le, bronze Alexandre Labesse.  Totals in the 59 kg class, Alshavi with 462.5 kgs and Le, 460 kgs.

The 66 kg medallists in the Squat, gold to Alan Suer of UP, France, silver to Jacques Alexandre-Perrault of ICES, bronze to Thanh da Pham, IDRAC.  In Bench, gold to Lucas Ramenason of University of Toulouse, silver to Jules Guillaume, UDB , bronze to  Matej Vojtech of TUL.   And 66 kg Deadlift results, gold Pierig Servouze of University of Belfort, France, silver Thanh da Pham and bronze Jules Guillaume, UDB.  Total medallists in the 66 kg weight class were gold, Jules Guillaume with 545 kgs, silver, Pierig Servouze with 542.5 kgs and bronze Thanh da Pham with 540 kgs.

In the 74 kg weight class, Squat gold medallist was Rafal Lazicki of WAT, Poland, silver Luc Koekelkoren of University of Applied Science, Eindhoven and bronze, Guillaume Gaignet UDT.  Bench medallists Arvid Sandstrom, gold, Rafal Lazicki silver, and Samy Layadi, FR2, bronze.  Finally, Deadlift medallists gold Guillaume Gaignet, silver Luc  Koekelkoren and bronze Rafal Lazicki.  Overall totals gold Rafal Lazicki with 637.5 kgs, silver Guillaume Gaignet with 627.5 kgs and bronze  Luc Koekelkoren with 607.5 kgs.

Altogether an impressively high standard from these young students and we look forward to more lifting tomorrow!

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