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Some impressive talent from the Sub Junior women, set the pace for what promises to be an interesting week of powerlifting with standards rising year on year.  Outstanding performances including new World Sub Junior Deadlift records for Wiktoria Zapotoczna (-52kg) of Poland with a lift of 156 kg and Auletta Giovanni (-57kg) of Italy with a 163 kg lift.  A new World Sub Junior squat record for Asia Franchini (-76kg), of Italy.  And a new European Sub Junior squat record also for Rohtla Karolin (-84 kg).  Oona Kujal stunned us all with three world records, one after the other in the -69 kg bench, ending on 111 kgs.  Sub Junior men, a new Sub Junior squat world record for Allessandro Pastorello (66kg)with 218 kgs.   Another Italian record from Allessandro Barbero (74kg) with a new European record of 233 kgs.  In deadlift,  Italian victory from Pastorello with new world deadlift Sub Junior records in attempts one and two, ending on 256 kg.  A stunning performance from  Allessandro Barbero, European champion and Sub Junior deadlift world record.  The second session of Day 2 was one of the most spectacular performances ever in the history of IPF.  Frenchman Malik Triolet (93kg), set a new World Sub Junior total record of 800.5 kg and a World Sub Junior deadlift record of 310.5 kg.  And Thomas McCarthy, Ireland (83kg), set a World Sub Junior Bench record of 288 kg, only to have it taken back by Damien Russell of Poland with 289 kg. The final session and the star of the show was undeniably Swedish Axel Isberg (-120kg) setting a new Sub Junior World Record in deadlift with 320kg and a new Sub Junior World Record overall with 790.5 kg.  Oliver Susa (105kg) of Hungary also achieved a new Sub Junior World Record with his 214kg bench press.  And at the end of the Sub Junior competition we can only marvel at the incredible number of world records over these two days – 15 and that’s not including those records that were won and broken in the next round by the same athlete!






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