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 Today, Thursday 1st December 2022, at the European Classic Powerlifting Championships in Skiernievice, Poland, the EPF signed two important new sponsorship contracts.  These contracts will be added to another new sponsorship deal, recently signed, bringing a total of three new sponsors to the EPF family.

SBD, already a great supporter of the IPF, will join the EPF as a Premium Partner in the equipment section.  This relationship will strengthen as SBD help EPF to rise to the next level of international sport.  EPF President Arnulf Wahlstrom said  ‘ having SBD on our side from 2023 onwards will help us to realize many projected programs for the benefit of our lifters, and also to upgrade all of the events in our federation’.  SBD will sign a long term agreement which will allow the EPF administration to plan for many years ahead, implementing new projects and increasing the volume of services in the Federation.  SBD owner and director,   Benjamin Banks said ‘It has been, and still is, our intention to support powerlifting in the very best way and we strongly believe that there is still a lot of potential for the sport, especially in Europe’.

The second new supporter of the EPF will be Hansu Power from Canada.  Hansu produces powerlifting bars, weights and racks.  ‘As a new company, we are on the IPF approved list, and it is our intention to gain visibility in the sport.   The best opportunity for this is to be present on the platform where the best lifters are using our equipment’, said Adam Lin, Director of Hansu Power.  With Hansu Power the EPF now has another company to guarantee that organizers of European Championships will have new and first class equipment for their events. EPF President Wahlstrom said ‘we are very happy to welcome a new company to the world of powerlifting and we are looking forward to a great working relationship’.

The third company welcomed in the EPF family is Maniak Fitness from Spain. Maniak produces bars and weights and is already well known in Spain. As another new company on the IPF approved list, Maniak Fitness plans to use the big stage at European Championships to showcase their first class equipment.  For two events every year, athletes will be able to lift with great equipment from Maniak Fitness. ‘We are delighted that the EPF is able to give new companies like Maniak a platform to show the excellence of their equipment’ said President Wahlstrom.  Angel Izquierdo, owner of Maniak responded  ‘We are more than happy to join the EPF family and it is in our intention to help the federation to grow the sport and provide the best conditions for all lifters’ .

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