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On the final day of the European Classic Powerlifting Championships 2021 here in Vasteras, Sweden, what an incredible ten days it has been for the lifters, the federations and participating nations and also for the spectators, both in the arena and online.  During these ten days we have seen no less than 90 world records broken, with powerlifting moving ever and ever onwards and upwards. 

Some of the greatest lifting has been in the last four days of the championships and today has been gripping as we have watched -120 kg men in A and B groups, and 120+ men battle it out for a place on the podium. 

But the day started in a spectacular display of strength with the -84 kg and  84 kg+ women who brought a fantastic end to the women´s competitions with outstanding performances throughout by women of all ages and weight classes. 

This morning, the records were tumbling.  We started with the -84 kg squats, and Heidi Hille Arnesen set a new World Masters 2 record with her 167.5 kg squat.  Kristen Thorhallsdottir (ISL) won gold with 220 kg, Elinor Svensson (SWE) silver with 192.5 kg and Katja Jorgensen (DEN) bronze with 175 kg.

In the 84+ kg class Camille Holland (GBR) won gold on bodyweight with 240 kgs, Daria Efimtseva (RUS) silver, again with 240 kg and Anna-Lena Bellqvist (SWE) again with 240 kg. 

In the 84 kg + Bench section, Annaliese Mierger (FRA) set a new European Bench record and a new European Single Bench record with her lift of 150 kg in the second round, leaving her only 1 kg away from the world record in round three.  Meanwhile,  Daria Efimtseva (RUS) set a new World Junior record with 145 kg.  And then, in round 3, sure enough, Amelie Mierger secured a new World Open Bench record of 153 kgs.  Silver in -84 kg was won by Katja Joegenssen with 105 kg and bronze was won by Krystyna Waterhouse (SUI) with 102.5 kg.  Silver, in the 84+ kg was won by Daria Efimtseva with a lift of 145 kg, and bronze by Emelie Leach (SWE) with 137.5 kg.

Finally, the deadlift section brought us yet another Masters 2 record for Heidi Hille Arnesen in the     with 197.5 kg.  And the results of the deadlifts were, in the -84 kg class, Kristen Thorhallsdottir 225 kg, Katja Jorgensen 222 kg and Elinor Svensson 212.5 kg.  In the 84+ kg class it was Emilie Leach with 240 kg, Amelie Mierger with 230.5 kg and Anna-Lena Belqvist with 222.5 kg .

After a short break, we moved on to the Mens -120 kg, which was split into A and B groups, and the Mens +120 kg group.  And these sessions went through at a fast and furious pace!  First round was the -120 kg B Group together with the 120+ men.  The results of the 120+ kg were gold, Ajay Sharma (GBR) with 370 kg, silver, Dymtro Vovk (UKR) with 365 kg, bronze, Maksim Prokorov (RUS) 350 kg.  In the Group A -120 kg, Daniil Ermolaev (RUS) won gold with 345 kg, Dmytro Pavlenko (UKR) silver with 337.5 kg and bronze, Victor Matsson (SWE) with 330 kg.   This was a fascinating squat battle in the A Group with some outstanding lifting.

Bench and -120 kg gold went to Kostiantyn Yezyk (UKR) with 230 kg, silver to Kieron Gray (GBR) with 225 kg, and bronze to Mateusz Grzesik (POL) with 220 kg.  In 120+ kg, Dymtro Vovk (UKR) 255 kg, Romuald Masse (FRA) with 252.5 kg, and Steve Ringoot (BEL) 227.5 kg. 

And finally, we came to deadlift, the last section of the last competition of the championships.  In the 120+ kg class, the results were Jari Saario (FIN) 360 kg, Maksim Prokorov (RUS) 352.5 kg and Janis Ansmits (LAT) 342.5 kg.  The -120 kg class was won by Carl Peter Sommerseth (NOR) with 352.5 kg, Friedrich Von Hennig (GER) with 350 kg and Mateusz Grzesik (POL) also with 350 kg.  And the total weights for the whole competition in the -120 kg class went to Kieran Gray (GBR) with 892.5 kg, Mateus Grzesik (POL) with 880 kg and Daniil Ermolaev (RUS) with 867.5 kg. And in the 120+ kg class the total gold was won by Dmytro Vovk (UKR) with 960 kg, Maksim Prokurov (Rus) with 925 kg and Ajay Sharma (GBR) with 922.5 kg.

This was the end of a fantastic competition, with many records broken.  Superbly organised by the Swedish Powerlifting Federation.  We look forward to seeing this championship event next year in Poland!



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