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In the final session on Friday, Day 8 of the championships and Day 2 of the Open competitions here is Vasteras we saw the -69 kg women in a group of only 8 lifters.

Priscilla Bavoil (FRA) moved up from the -63 kg class despite only weighing 65 kg, to win a new world record of 205.5 kg  in the 69 kg squats, the most she has ever lifted.  Susanna Argile (GBR), won the silver with 185 kg and Ivana Horna (SVK) the bronze with 180 kg.

In bench, Priscilla Bavoil again took the gold medal with 112.5 kg,  Ivana Horna the silver , with 105 kg, a lighter body weight than Argile also at 105 kg who took the bronze medal.  And Matilda Vilmer (SWE), narrowly missed the podium, again with 105 kg.   We also saw a great lift by Raphaela Jungmann (AUT) of 102 kg, setting a new Austrian national record. 

In the deadlifts, Bavoil excelled once again, setting a new deadlift record of 230 kg and a new world total record of 548 kg.  Second in the deadlifts was Ivana Horna with 220 kg and third, Sonia Goncalves da Silva (GER) with 192.5 kg.  In the total weights,  Bavoil,  548 kg, Horna, 505 kg and Argile,  482.5 kg. This was a stellar performance by Priscilla Bavoil, totalling a massive 43 kg more than Ivana Horna.  Fabulous lifting all round from these -69 kg women. 

And Day 9 began with the -76 kg women.  In the squat section, Marte Kjenner (NOR) squatted 195 kg for the gold, closely followed by Emily Greenway (GBR) with 190 kg and Jacqueline Klaver (NED) on 180 kg.  Bench press and Marte Kjenner again won gold with 115 kg, Sophia Ellis (GBR) silver with 110 kg and Leena Saastamon (FIN) bronze with 107.5 kg.

And, as always, the deadlift proved to be an exciting session with Sophia Ellis (GBR) setting a new European record with a deadlift of 230.5 kg.  Marta Kjenner this time moved into second place with 220 kg and Nino Tchrikishvili (GEO) third with the bronze and a lift of 217 kg.  There were two Brits on the podium for the totals, Sophie Ellis won silver with 500.5 kg and her team mate Emily Greenway won bronze with 482.5 kg.  Marte Kjenner won the gold with 530 kgs. 

Over the two days, a great display of strength from the 69 kg and 76 kg women! 



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