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European Powerlifting Federation secures historical Sponsorship Deal

Caity Henniger (Chief Sales Officer Rogue Fitness)

Arnulf Wahlstrøm (President EPF)

Halden/Norway: “This is a very important contract for us and I am happy to sign it now…”

With those words, the EPF President Arnulf Wahlstrøm concluded the signing of the sponsorship deal with ROGUE Fitness.

Within the last couple of weeks, the EPF had very intensive and finally fruitful negotiations with ROGUE Fitness for a long term partnership.

ROGUE Fitness will play now a very important role in the strategic plans of the EPF. With the sponsorship the federation can secure an upgrade of the number of live streamed European Championships from two to four, which will be an increasement of 100%.

ROGUE Fitness will also supply 4 of the largest Events per year with full equipment of the highest quality for the lifting stage, which will improve also the standard of our events, both equipment wise as well as also from the visual impression.

During the virtual meeting for the sponsorship signing, President Wahlstrøm also pointed out: “It is also my impression that ROGUE Equipment will be very popular in Europe”.

Besides the upgrade of the various European Championships with first class equipment and professional live streaming the EPF will now also have recourses to invest in the administration. Another cornerstone of the agreement is the close cooperation in the media section. Here ROGUE Fitness is also an important strategic partner, as the EPF can use the huge presence of ROGUE on social medias with more than 5 Million followers on several platforms.

Caity Henniger, Chief Sales Officer of ROGUE Fitness expressed her appreciation to the partnership and guaranteed that ROGUE Fitness will make its contribution for a successful cooperation over the next four years.

Mrs. Henniger concluded her message to the EPF with: “We are looking into a bright future and working together”.

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